Monday, March 19, 2007

You're Not Missing Ballet For Crosstitching

So, probably one of the hardest endeavors I have clearly ever done is parenting a child that is so much like me! It is hard work!! My daughter, Angelina LOVES to craft just like me, but I become incredibly impatient when she doesn't understand a craft I am trying so tirelessly to teach her. I, however have failed, it seems, to inform my brain that she is only 5! And, this occurs pretty regularly. Trying to inform my ever so vigilant brain up there is merely ridiculous... knock knock BRAIN! Where have you gone today? I swear sometimes if you look up there in my skull, my brain will, so joyfully, be holding a martini while slowly becoming a blob. Like it's on vacation. That's when I run over to the corner of my room, sit on the floor and begin banging my head on the wall trying to wake it up! Oh, and of course, banging my head on the wall for an hour burns 150 calories, or so my husband tells me.
Oh, geez, it looks as if I have become sidetracked yet again... My point is... I sit here with my martini blob brain and wonder... is there a point to my frustration? Am I the only one that is like this? Are little kids crafts going to haunt me in my dreams later? Well, stay tuned for tomorrow's entry! *Laughing inside my blobby head* :)

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