Wednesday, March 7, 2007

He is 31 Years Old today...

Reflecting about my now 31 year old husband.

WOW! I can not believe you are now 31. Can you believe that we have shared 7 of your birthdays together? Honey, it's been so amazing to have you as my husband! You are my one and only true love. I have married a truly amazing man, husband, and father! Everyday that goes by I am constantly thankful to have such a wonderful person. I love you today more than I did yesterday.
It's funny, because if you asked me 7 years ago where I thought we would be, I definitely wouldn't have said any of this! This life is more than I could dream of! I am so proud of you! You have accomplished so much in your 31 years, and quite a bit of it I was able to witness in these 7 years. Watching you hold Angelina for the first time, and then watch you father her has been the most amazing memory that I cherish. Then having you coaching me during Zoe's birth... you knew I was so scared, but you were so strong and reassuring that she would be fine, though she was 10 weeks early. Then watching you hold Zoe for the first time was equally amazing! You're a pro with kids! Having you by my side through that whole NICU hospital roller coaster ride was phenomenal. You always support me, and love me no matter what, and I love you so much for that! I have everything I have ever wanted and needed! We are such lucky parents to have such wonderful children, we are such lucky people to have the mom and dad that we have. I am a lucky woman to have you! I look forward to many more birthdays of yours, and many more years married to you! Here's to our memories, and our love for each other, our 2 little girls, and our family. Wow, I can't believe how the years fly!

And, then I say to myself... "Wow, he is 31 years old today."

I love you "to the moon and back".


Michael Benner said...

Wow, I am old...

Thank you for your kind words, although you forgot to mention how funny, smart, good looking, charismatic, loving, and caring I am. Just kidding, thank you again.



The Benners said...

Ha ha ha! Always making jokes when I say nice things. Yes, you are all of those things too.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mike! Steve and I are so proud to have you in our life and we think of you more as a "son" than a son-in-law. You are the best thing to happen to our daughter and our family and we thank God for you always!

Thank you for being such a great husband, father and son in our family!

We love you so much and are excited to be celebrating another year with you in our lives!

Much love,
Steve and Terri (Dad/Mom)

Matt & Rachel said...

Hey guys, this is Rachel Maples you left a note on my blog and I just wanted you to know that there was nothing weird about it and in fact I appreciate your interest in a total stranger and the encouragement you gave me. I just posted an update and we our spirits are high about the upcoming months. Anyways, so thank you for your encouraging words and interest in our lives at this troublesome time. I know you're a great friend to Suzanne and I love my sweet Suz so thank you for your friendship to her as well I know you've been a source of encouragement to her through the months of transition to a new city and the new adventure of motherhood.