Thursday, March 1, 2007

Basking in her Cuteness!

Zoe and her first Build A Bear... Big Sister picked it for her.Mommy, are you almost done taking pictures of me? I need a nap!!
Ok, fine, one last smile! Now can I go to sleep?

There are those Oh So Cute Cheeks!

How great it is to have a clean diaper! Let's throw a Party!!!Cute, Cute, Cute!

I just took these pictures yesterday. So, of course I had to blog them!! And, Yes that onesie is PERFECT!! Mike and Angelina picked it out for her. Since, of course, she is Oh SO CUTE! She is laughing quite a but lately. And she gives me smiles galore! She has been doing wonderful during tummy time, and Mike swears that she is going to be crawling really soon, because she is always monkeying around all over. I swear she must think that I am a jungle gym! She is a WONDERFUL sleeper! Thank goodness. She sleeps in her crib for the most part. She sleeps from 11pm until 6 or 7am. Eats and goes back to sleep. My children are definitely A LOT like me! They LOVE to sleep! Zoe also loves "talking" to anything and everyone that she thinks is listening. She loves to talk to her mobile in her crib, her fishies hanging above her while she swings, the little Baby Einstein animals hanging from her play gym. As soon as she sees those things she smiles, and immediately begins "telling them a story", not realizing that they haven't a clue what she is saying. ha ha! But, she loves to talk to those that listen, and encourage her to keep talking as well. :) One of my other favorite things she does is kicks her feet all the time. It's so cute to watch... it's almost like she is doing the "ride the bicycle" exercise.
It is O so fun to watch so many changes happening. She is definitely growing fast! Seems like yesterday she only weighed 3 pounds! Now she is almost 11 pounds! :) It is definitely bittersweet. Zoe, loves having her picture taken, though. It's like she knows mommy wants her to cooperate so she does. I just think that she is basking in her cuteness.

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