Friday, March 23, 2007

The Magical Sitting Chair... Bumbo!

So, check out my new digs!!! Daddy bought me a Bumbo chair yesterday! In these pictures I look a little stunned and unwilling to smile... mommy thinks that I am just very pleased and amazed to be sitting up! I have been holding my head up since birth, which is quite advanced, especially since I was born 10 weeks early. But, it's a miracle that I can sit up ALREADY! :)

*There is never just one picture to share is there? :)

Chillin in my Bumbo!
"Mommy, where did you go?"
Look at my feet! :)

Oh! This Bumbo chair feels different than anything that I have ever touched!
WOW! This sitting up thing is pretty cool!

FINALLY! A Smile!!!


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Anonymous said...

Where did you get this? Hailey would love it! <3 Nikki