Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Random Post Tuesday!

OK, this week, my random topic is my obsession with matching! I am completely no doubt about it obsessed about matching. Angelina could NEVER walk out the door with something that didn't match. I sometimes have a fit if Mike sneaks her out of the house in something that even just slightly isn't matching. Ha ha ha! Not sure why I am like this... but that's me! I am always teased about it, but nobody could ever tell me that my child looks totally mismatched. It's really funny, because I have now rubbed off on Angelina, and now she is getting to be pretty strict about matching herself. Mike just throws up his hands and says... "Go ask your momma if what you're wearing matches." I guess he is just getting a VERY small taste of what's it's going to be like to live with 3 females.

-- Good Luck Honey --

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