Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Here are my thoughts from American Idol's show last night. As many of you know, the guys sang last night, and I think just about everyone thinks that the girls are going to beat out the guys... I on the other hand am not so sure. I know that there are several guys that are fantastic singers, but they aren't singing at their potential, which in the end ultimately is up to them if they want to stay in the game. The guys I lile and would really like to see in the top 12 are: Blake Lewis, Phil Stacey, and Chris Richardson.
As for me and the girls? I am not one to love the -huge- voices. I am not a fan of gospel-ish music, and not a big fan of the loud long drawn out vocals. I like songs simple. Example? I Love Gina Glocksen! I love her edgy rocker looks, and her voice is great too! She is one of the only ones that I vote for out of the girls. My mom and I have discussions all the time about American Idol, and I am always saying that if I wouldn't buy their CD why would I want them to win American Idol? American Idol shouldn't be a popularity contest, but unfortunately it is... hense the reason SANJAYA is still there!! I mean, COME ON PEOPLE! This kid wouldn't stop smiling even if you called him every curse word in the book and literally kicked his butt off the stage. Not to mention... he is a horrible singer. Every week that has gone by that he is still there I cringe, and can't help but wonder WHY is he still on Idol? I mean, would you call Sanjaya your Idol? If he won can you see woman out there saying in their little girl voices, "Oh, Sanjaya... tee hee hee hee *giggle giggle*." Or hearing woman yelling, "I LOVE YOU SANJAYA" or at the very least... taking off their under garments and throwing them at him? NO WAY! Someone needs to throw the phone at him and stop voting for him! I just can't figure out why he is still there! I do agree that this year has the least amount of talent of all the past years, but Come on people, STOP VOTING FOR SANYAYA already!

Who else? Jared Cotter or Brandon Rogers... but, it wouldn't be the first time I would be surprised!

** I will write my review on the girls tomorrow.**

--Other thoughts... vote for the great singers! I mean, look at last year... Taylor Hicks won!! While he seems like a cool guy and all... he won over CHRIS DAUGHTRY?? Ha! I consider myself quite the "American Idol Snob", but even I was angrily shocked when he got voted off. That just really made me realize that people weren't voting for Taylor because he was a good singer, they only voted for him because he had an upbeat attitude, and had grey hair. He was different. And while I think that different people are cool, that doesn't mean that they need to win American Idol. Clearly Taylor isn't that great, because his first album sales are horrible. Daughtry on the other hand made music history by selling over 2 million copies of his album in 2 weeks! I have his album and I LOVE IT! Don't have it? Go get it! :)

"Shealynn Out!"

:) ha ha


Aron & Suz said...

Aron and I said tonight that if Antonella is still on it tomorrow night, we are boycotting the show. She can's sing worth beans and Sanjaya is right there next to her. My gosh, they both are really terrible singers! I think the girls are way stronger than the boys. Most of the guys don't seem comfortable in their own skin, while the majority of the girls do.

It's a singing competition, like the judges are constantly reiterating and most of the girls can sing and I think the strongest are: Lakesha, Melinda, Sabrina, Gina, Jordin, Stephanie (though she didn't do as well tonight). I think Blake is the strongest male voice and the most unique.

Come on, Taylor can totally sing! He's got a great sound, very unique. Not necessarily my style, but you have to admit he's talented.

Do you actually call in and vote? Or text? I make a few calls, but that's about it.

The Benners said...

Hey Suz...

I am not a big fan of Taylor... but yes, he can sing... but he wasn't the best from last season.

I do call and vote, but usually not until the top 12. I caught myself voting a little bit so far, but haven't vote since a couple of weeks ago.

I won't boycott the show if either of them stays, but I won't be too happy. It ticks me off that those 2 have made it this far! lol.

I am going to post about the girls on my blog now. :)