Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sanjaya-ed? Are you serious?!

So, "bye bye Curly". As I sit here on my bed writing about this, and watching the end of American Idol, I can't help but laugh to myself... yes, my husband is gone, so of course I am going to laugh to myself. HA HA! Anyway, I know that my husband is going to gloat about Sanjaya making it another freakin week!! To be honest, I just don't get mad about it anymore. Truth is, my husband is right... American Idol is NOT a singing competition. It CAN'T be! If it were, Sanjaya would have been LONG gone!! For some reason, I got REALLY mad about my husband being a butt and voting for Sanjaya and then I got irked that Sanjaya made it! After realizing that my freaking out and bitterness can't change the fact that Howard Stern is an IDIOT, I got over it. But, mark my words again, I will NOT watch American Idol anymore if Sanjaya wins the competition. And, according to MSNBC, Simon won't be along for the ride next year either if he wins. So, we'll see! I just can't sit here again next year and watch as all the good singers are voted off while the ones that are so so so so TERRIBLE make it through!! Fortunately, most of the American Idols have had the right winners... other than last year and the year 2003 when Fantasia (AKA: "Tasia") won. Not a fan. Anyway.... enough running my mouth... these are my thoughts, what are yours?

***Glad at least that Gina, Phil, Blake and Chris R. made it!! Woo hoo! At least there is something to cheer about. The coming weeks Should prove interesting, as most of the singers are pretty good... hoping that Sanjaya will be GONE next week!!!! Tell your friends to vote for anyone except SANJAYA!!! -Currently laughing out loud (LOL) to myself again."***


Michael Benner said...

Phil and Hailey will be the next two to go (unless they can really step up). Sanjaya has atleast 3 weeks (top 7) before he goes home and even then I think Miss Gospel (don't know her name Shey could tell you) will go first, giving Sanjaya at top 6 run.

The Benners said...

Mike is talking about LaKisha.

Hoping that Phil sticks around a little longer. I would love for him and Gina to make at least the top 5! But, who knows! America can't seem to get it right... so nobody knows. Hailey needs to get voted off, though, because she isn't that great.

Aron & Suz said...

Good predictions up top (though I would be surprised if Lakisha was voted off before Sanjaya).

America has gotten it right every year more or less because even if you didn't like the last two, Shey, at least they could *sing* and didnt' make you want to run S's singing does. We shall see what the coming weeks hold! :)