Saturday, March 24, 2007

My constant "need" to blog...

OK, in the instance that you haven't noticed... I blog A LOT! Not sure why I feel the "constant need" to blog. I guess maybe because I haven't scrapbooked in a while, and for some reason feel this validates me to blog like a maniac. This gives me a way to journal what these pictures are so that when I do go to scrapbook them, I know the exact details of everything. So, when you are thinking about "Good grief! Shealynn Blogged 43 times so far this month! That's more than 2 times a day sometimes!" Just know that while I do acknowledge what seems to most as an obsession, I see it as documenting, remembering, and preserving my family's life... in many ways like scrapbooking, but on the computer. Not to mention, it's keeping my family and friends constantly updated on what's happening. :) At least when you check my blog, there is always something to read about or pictures to look at... or both! :) I love blogging! There! That is my justification for my obsession and constant "need" to blog... oh, and I take hundreds of pictures a week, so get ready for many more "just photo" blogs! :)

OK, so why not share pictures like this with everyone! I can't help but boast about how beautiful Angelina is!! :)

Baby blue eyes playing with those hands.
OK, and how adorable is my 2nd daughter?? :)
OF COURSE I will smile mommy!!

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Jenny Moore said...

I'm so horrible at blogging. I really should blog more. To be honest, I think about it all the time, but by the time I finally have time to do it, I'm so exhausted and the last thing I want to do is be on the computer. Keep up the blogging! I check it out everyday even though I may not comment!