Thursday, March 8, 2007


Yes, as you can see, I am a big Gina Glocksen fan. While to most people she doesn't have the best voice, in my world she does. :) I love that she is SO different from all of the other girls on A.I. this year. It's always nice to have one that sticks out in the crowd.
And, let me tell you, I thought her version of "Call me when you're sober" was awesome, and it certainly rocked the house! I totally agreed with everything the judges had to say... she was definitely in her element and it showed! Good for her!
While I do not like the power house voices, I must say that Lakisha did the best version of Whitney Houston that I have ever heard on American Idol (A.I.)!! I also LOVED Sabrina Sloan's dress! It was beautiful! She did pretty great too.
Now, let's talk Antonella Barba... HELLO??? Anyone not realizing that she is TERRIBLE? At the end of every one of her performances she gets this irritating cockiness about her that drives me to scream at the television! I am not kidding! She gets this attitude that she is the best thing on this earth. On the contrary, Antonella...... I wish I could find out why in the world she is still on that show! She and Sanjaya are the worst ones of them all, and they managed to make it to the top 16.... ummmmm.... HOW?!?!? Please let me know if you figure it out.

Which ones to go tonight? Well, I have been surprised every week thus far, because to my horror, Antonella and Sanjaya are still "safe". Ugh!

So, let's all say a little prayer that Antonella and Sanjaya go home tonight... who else? I think Haley and Brandon, Jared or Sundance. Tell me what you think!

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Aron & Suz said...

Top two girls to go tonight: Haley and Antonella
Top two guys to go tonight: Sanjaya and Sundance

Like I mentioned earlier, Antonella CANNOT sing at all. She is really the worst one on the show, period. Sanjaya is right behind. Aron and I were actually surprised that the judges were so easy on them this week. I figured they would just rail them, but they didn't. Maybe they are as bereft as many of the voters are.

I agree, Gina did really good last night; I like her edginess. Sabrina's dress was lovely, and I thought Lakisha looked *so* beautiful in her black dress and straight hair. Most of the girls seem geniuenly humble, don't you think? Actually, I think alot of the guys do too. I like that.