Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Our Kitty Cat...

I know how cute I am!


Mommy is picture crazy... I MUST look adorable!

Thanks Big sissy for letting me have this! It's so cute on me!

Look at me! I have a death grip on this carrot!

Holding my first object for about 2 minutes!!!! Yay for me!

Yum! Carrots are good... Mommy thinks I am teething!

So, this little Kitty outfit that Zoe is wearing was originally Angelina's. I have only a few outfits that I kept (not my choice) of Angelina's, and this is one of them. It was actually Angelina's 1st Halloween costume!


Krissy said...

I am leaving you a comment per your request=) My goodness that baby carrot looks like a full size one. What a cutie! Love the bunny ears.

Anonymous said...

I think Hailey is teething too... slobber all over her chin and her hands always seem to stay in her mouth! Oragel works GREAT!

The Benners said...

Yep, we used Orajel for Angelina when she was teething. It's no fun, but fortunately, Zoe isn't that bad yet. She just slobbers everywhere, and likes to chew. I will give her about a month and then she will really be teething. We'll see. :) How is Hailey?

Thanks for the message!!! So good to hear from you! How are the kids?

Anita said...

Hey Zoe is getting so big. She can fit into Angelina's clothes. We need to get the kids together again soon. I miss you all.

Aron & Suz said...

So funny because Mags has been dooling like crazy these past 3 weeks and I think she's teething too, though it might be a bit early? She's just a little over 3 months old. But, like Z, she chews on stuff too. Hmmm...once again, we are alike! :)

Cute shots of your munchkin.

The Benners said...

Hey Suz,

Actually, some babies are born with teeth! Can you imagine that? LOL! Ouch when it comes to breatfeeding! No thanks.
Zoe will be 5 months soon, but she is practically the same age as Mags. Maybe they will go through the same milestones as each other at the same time! How fun! I absolutely LOVE when they get their first teeth! They look SO SO cute!


Would love to get together soon! Just phone me, and we can try and make it work! Miss you too!

I am LOVING the comments!! Woo hoo! Thanks everyone!

The Benners said...

Oh, and this kitty outfit is pretty big on Zoe. It is 0-3 months. Angelina wore 0-3 months for about 6 months or so.

Stephanie McG said...

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing!