Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Pony Hawk

Why? American Idol's pick their own hair style... why in the world would you go with this one? TERRIBLE!! It actually makes me laugh a bit, because it is just so BAD!

All I can do is laugh about Sanjaya tonight! What was with his hair, that as Ryan called, "The Pony Hawk". Are you serious? ha ha ha ha!!! Can anyone say "ridiculous"?

My favorites from tonight?

Gina (She ROCKED!)
Phil (LOVED the song!)
Blake (Self Explanatory)
Chris R. (Loved the version of that song!) Plus, he reminds me of my brother in law Skippy!! :)

What did everyone think?

Read an article from MSNBC in regards to Sanjaya's Pony Hawk HERE.


Michael Benner said...

I am betting next week he raps and has corn rows...

The Benners said...

That would definitely be weird. Maybe they will have the 50 foot Michael Jackson statue following him around too!