Saturday, June 2, 2007

The *Twelfth* Day!!!

And, here are day 12's pictures! :) Today was a good day! It was cloudy most of the day due to a tropical depression headed our way. That is actually good news, since we are now having a moderate drought. It is currently raining, which is *awesome* and, not only because I absolutely {love} the rain, but because we here in North Carolina desperately need the rain! The weather channel people are predicting 12 hurricanes this year, and 5 of those to hit the east coast... and yes, some of those hurricanes do affect North Carolina, but as long as you don't live on the beach, things don't get too bad.
Tomorrow Mike leaves for *12 Days*!!! UGH! So. Not. Liking. it, but the girls and I will survive, and I *know* fun will be involved! ha ha! I was painting Angelina's room today... PINK! Mike painted her ceiling yesterday... purple! So far it looks really fun! And, more importantly, *she* loves it! :) It will be finished tomorrow or Monday, and then I will be starting on some other household projects that I have been needing to get done for quite a while. Including finishing up Zoe's room!! I have this really neat idea for her room, and I am truly hoping that it turns out exactly as I envision... will update on that when I have done it!

Alright! I need to go! I am *exhausted*!!!

Later Gators!

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