Friday, June 22, 2007

10 down -- 10 to go... :)

So, I am currently working on my 11th scrapbook layout, but am at a halt due to a lack of a few supplies. But, I am still getting it done, which is good! The girls and I are heading out in a bit to go get a protein pancake (for me) and silver dollar pancakes and eggs (for Angelina) at US Egg here in Arizona, then we will be going to Michael's to get a couple supplies, and then off to get me a massage!!! I have 1o more layouts to go, as well as writing a one page essay, and a list of the supplies I used. :) Not stressed yet... just need to finish at least 1 layout every day. :) Will continue to keep everyone posted! Pray I finish and win!!!!


Ricci said...

You can do it!!! Page a day keeps the stress away;) Great luck!

robin said...

I didn't know there were contests for such things.

Shealynn Benner said...

Yes, they do have contests for scrapbooking. :) It's quite a contest too!! ha ha!