Sunday, June 10, 2007

{Morning} at the *Parent's House*. & Day 20

Posting early today! :) Wasn't as hot today as it was yesterday in Friday, which is a nice relief! :) Friday it was 96 degrees and about 80-90% humidity. Felt miserable outside!! So, today was good. I will be going home tomorrow and staying there the remainder of the week. Then we leave next week for Arizona, and we are all excited about it! It will be very NICE! :)

Love this picture of Angelina below! I was laying on the ground the other day when I took this of her. She wanted to model for me. ha ha!

All the below pictures are from this morning. *fun* :)

Crazy mom! Ha ha!

Apparently, my kids like to pose with their mouths open! ;)

My parents' other dog, *Ginger*.


Steve and Shan said...

Your parents look great! They haven't changed at all. ;) What cute shots.

Aron & Suz said...

I know, they look fantastic. Tell your mom she looks about 30 years old. :)