Thursday, June 21, 2007

.Land of *Hot* Weather, Cactus, Palm Trees and the Wealthy.

So, this is my 2nd full day in Arizona. Today has kind of been a lazy day, which is good, but can get *old* after a while. I am letting my children catch up on their rest, and just kinda go with the flow. I am getting ready to scrapbook, on the biggest table known to man, which is exciting, because I can spread out. :) It has been really extra hot here yesterday and today, which promotes the lazy... I don't want to go outside attitude in me. I mean, can you blame me? It's a scorching 115 degrees outside! Umm. Thanks anyway, I will enjoy my day in the 72 degree house. :) I don't want to be dragging my poor kids out in this either. Poor babies would melt. So, inside we stay. ha ha.
Until coming to Arizona for the 2nd time, I never realized just how many prickly plants really exist! So many different varieties of Cactus... it's amazing! Then again, there are hundreds of palm trees here too! I hadn't been in Arizona (before this trip) since I was about 12 or so. And, one can forget just how hot it gets. But, you know, I like this heat better than bad humidity. But, I still care not to be out in it. :) It is really nice here, though. All the people that Mike works with here are awesome, and super hospitable. So, they have made it enjoyable for us all. And, they all love with our kids, and love being around them, which is nice!!


Oh, and I keep forgetting to post a couple pictures I took on Father's Day. So, these pictures will include day 29 and 30. :)

Happy Father's Day to Daddy. Message written entirely by Angelina. :)
Pictures of my girls feet together. :)

For Father's Day, we took my dad and mom to The Melting Pot. This is the 2nd time Mike and I had been there, and we love it!! If you haven't been, then GO!!! Angelina *loved* the entire meal!! All of it! Her favorite? Lobster! ha ha! We also found out that Zoe *LOVES* chocolate! :) I let her try some off of my finger. She raised up her eyebrows, smacked her lips and smiled a VERY big smile. :) It was very cute!! There are many pictures below!

Princess Zoe was crowned at The Melting Pot with Angelina's headband. :)

While we ate, Zoe slept...

More later! I am off to scrapbook!!!


robin said...

I love your pictures! I am looking for a great digital pic of some really green leaves. Your camera is great. Snap me one and email it to me! I would love to print it and hang it over my bed. I've taken two really good pics myself, but your camera seems so much better!

Shealynn Benner said...

I will take some pictures of leaves when I get back to North Carolina... here in Arizona, there are just a lot of desert plants. In NC there are many many luscious trees everywhere, so I can get a lot more there than here.
Thanks for the compliments about my pics. :) I have a semi professional camera...