Friday, June 8, 2007


I am pretty tired tonight! I was up until 4am scrapbooking. Told you. I don't sleep well when Mike is out of town. So, why not use it to my advantage, ya know? :) Got lots done yesterday, and I am *happy* about that.
Anyway, I have lots more to write about, but I am at my mom's house spending the weekend, and Angelina is sleeping right next to me, and I think that I may be keeping her from getting the much needed *beauty* rest that she desperately needs!

**OH! Before I forget... Zoe weighed in today at 15 pounds 8 ounces and 26 inches long!! Doc says she is *PERFECT*. Says that other than sitting by herself, she is actually right on with a 7 month old, which is fabulous, since they thought she would be developmentally delayed. :) Sitting is around the corner! Still no teeth, but doc says they will be busting out shortly. So, all good news as expected! :) **

More tomorrow!


Aron & Suz said...

Good news about Zoe's development...big girl! She and Mags are the same length, but Mags is a bit chunkier. It'll be fun for them to meet one day. Sounds like you are hanging in there with Mike being gone. What day does he get home? Where is he right now?

The Benners said...

I agree! I can't wait for them to one day meet! How cool would that be?! Things are actually OK so far with Mike being gone. :) He is in Arizona, and gets back on Friday the 15th. So, we still have 6 days, but as fast as things have been going, I am confident that it will go by quickly. I still have 12 scrapbook layouts to do to enter the *Scrapbooker of the Year* contest. So, that should keep me very busy and up late at night after the girls go to sleep. :)