Thursday, June 14, 2007

::Day Number *Twenty Four* :: My Hair :: & Other Updates ::

First things first... I keep forgetting to show the end results of Angelina's now finished {except for artwork} bedroom... check out before and after pics below. ;)



The below picture is just showing the colors up close. :)

So. Mike comes home tomorrow! Can you say *ECSTATIC*? Ecstatic doesn't even say the half of it, but that's OK. :) I, of course have been trying to stay as busy as possible, and, I have obviously succeeded, because these 12 days have flown by!! :) Which, makes me happy. I got my hair done today! Wanna see?

I *LOVE*LOVE*LOVE it!! My hairdresser seriously rocks! What a great job she did. :) I will take more pictures of myself tomorrow in the sun light. Usually, you'll get better pics of hair in natural light rather than using the flash.

In other news... Angelina got in to YEAR ROUND SCHOOL!!! Ummm, another exciting bit of news in the Benner household!! We are thrilled! :) So, school starts in July instead of late August. :) This should be great for her, considering that she was *really* upset that school was over in May. ha ha! She loves learning, so we think that year round school is the best thing for our daughter, whom loves to learn, and can't get enough of it! I love that she loves learning! I want to keep that love for school in her!

So, we are leaving for Arizona soon, and we are getting very excited!! I practically have to take everything except the kitchen sink with me, so my mom let me borrow their ginormous suitcase. I am not kidding... I could pack both my kids in their and they would be totally comfortable. ha ha! Not that I am doing that, nor am I implying that I ever would. ;) Just stating the fact that this suitcase is so big, I bet I could fit my suburban in it! I am not complaining, though, because this suitcase will hold all of my clothes, the girls' clothes, and I may even be able to squeeze in the kitchen sink too... if I so desire. ;) In fact, just to showcase how massive this suitcase is... I will pose my children with it tomorrow for their blog pictures. We'll make it fun!

Oh. Did I tell you that Mike comes home tomorrow?

Today I had to go to court! Why? Because here in North Carolina, if you get a speeding ticket, which I did, then you have to go to Downtown Raleigh and visit the judge! Ummm. How weird it felt when I said the word *guilty* to the judge. Like I was a real bad criminal. I mean, I really only hear *i'm guilty* on CSI or Judge Judy. To actually say it. Well, that's just plain weird, and I did not like saying it... I mean, yes, I do say it at home. Like... who didn't fold the laundry, or who ate the last skinny cow... oh. Uh, that was me, *I'm guilty*. But, let me add that saying it like that is so much less criminal like than it was today saying it to the judge. "Yes, Judge, I am guilty of driving way to fast, and not paying attention to how fast my old beastly car was going." (ya, putting the blame on my car instead of myself would go over well, right?) Maybe it would have been less criminal like if I had added, "oh, and I am also guilty of eating the last of the sherbet ice cream in the freezer."

OK. Enough with the sarcasm. Much more scrapbookin' to do, so I am outta here! Check out the day 24 pics! Oh! Like one of my favorite shows!! 24. ha ha! Bye already, right?

Yes, Zoe is sitting all by herself in this picture!! She is beginning to sit alone for a few minutes at a time! It is *very* exciting! She is also pushing up like she wants to crawl, which is way cool, since that is a *very* advanced movement for her age {since she is developmentally delayed due to her prematurity}. Pretty great, though! The next few weeks should be exciting!


Katie said...

Your hair is awesome. I LOVE the red.

Aron & Suz said...

The hair rocks, I totally agree. Nice work. I'm glad that your hubby gets home today. BTW--where will you guys be in AZ, for how long, and why? Lots of questions. :)

The Benners said...

Thanks for the compliments ladies! :)
*Suz* We will be in Scottsdale for 3 weeks, because Mike is finishing a *huge* job, for a *huge* client, and needs to finish this job by the first week of July. :) That's making a long explanation short. ;) ha ha!

Ricci said...

I think redheads have more fun,he he he!! Looks great, have you had it that short for a while? You used to be sooo attatched to your hair, I remember you crying over the layered cut you got in HS, do you remember that? You just thought it was so short compared to what you wanted, funny what you remember, huh?

The Benners said...

That is funny that you remember that Ricci! :) ha ha! I remember that too! I haven't had my hair long in forever! Probably since our senior year. Mike *loves* short hair, so I usually will keep it on the shorter side... but, not as short as he likes it. :) He likes my hair *really* short. Had it that way once... care not to go there again. lol.