Saturday, June 9, 2007

#.19. & *Blue* Crabs!

My grandparents are in town, so my parents went to the fish market and got some Maryland Blue Crab. YUM YUM! They were *live*. So, my dad steamed them, and we ate them. Although it was a TON of work to eat them, it brought back so many fond memories of my childhood. We use to go to Maryland to visit my grandparents, and we would eat them just about every visit. Eating them always reminds me of those times. :) So, of course I *had* to take some pictures!! :)

And, here are the pictures of my girls. Day # 19. Wow. Going fast! OK. More later. :)

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Matt & Rachel said...

Okay that crab is the freakest looking thing, that's why I don't eat seafood, it's so ugly :oO Lovin all the pics! It's going to be so awesome to look back over this and see how your girls grew over the last year, what a great idea and such discipline! Hugs. R