Tuesday, June 5, 2007

.Number *One Five. {fifteen}

Sittin here on my mom's screened in porch and listening to the thunder. And. *Loving* it! This week has been fun so far! No plans, no schedules, no cares! Just doin' whateva! Going with the flow, which I don't seem to do enough of, ya know?! Every once in a while, throwing structure and chores, and everyday life out the window, and just *winging it* should be REQUIRED!! :) Tomorrow morning sometime, we are going to head back to the place we call *our house* and we will reside there for a few days before coming back here to our {2nd home}, my parent's house. We are staying the weekend. My grandparents {dad's parents} Are coming to visit, and Mike is still out of town, so what better way to spend our time than with family! This week is going by VERY quickly, and I am [loving] it! And, Angelina is too, of course!!
So, Zoe has been sick for the past couple of days which I find weird, because, the hospital told me to not go to many crowded places very often during the winter due to RSV season. Which, I did manage to stay in a lot, but did go out too. She didn't get sick once!! Now it's hot as summer outside, and she gets sick! What in the world?! Poor baby is hacking and vomiting and having issues in her diaper {if you know what I mean}. But, through it all, she has smiled, and not cried once!! Though she is sick, she still sleeps through the night!! She amazes me with her *all smiles* personality! I mean to hear her cry is rare! It's awesome! Love how both of my kids are so wonderful! While Angelina has an occasional attitude, she is such a great kid!!! I will take her occasional attitude/bad day, which is totally normal! I mean, if that's that worst I get, then, Thank You, Jesus!!!

OK, well I am off to spend some time with my mom. :) More tomorrow!! Comments *are* always welcome, and loved! So, please, tell me how you are! Haven't gotten many comments lately, so I am going to assume that everyone is getting busy with summer approaching! :) Miss you all!

*Every* morning, and *every* nap time, when Zoe wakes up, this is how I am greeted. :) [Love] it!

Mom's little messy haired puddin' face! :) So *cute*

Angelina's gentle touch. Angelina's love for animals is evident. She is very gentle with them, and *always* has been. She never pulled on the dogs ears or pulled their hair, or poked them in the eyes. She just lovingly pet their fur, and talked/talks sweetly to them. Our ferrets are *no* exception! She loves all 3 of them, and is very gentle with them. So *cute*. :)


Aron & Suz said...

Glad you are having fun with the folks; it's gotta be so nice to have them nearby. Yeah for time going fast!

Mags wakes up the exact same way as Z each morning and after every nap. It's amazing and we feel so blessed. I was just thinking of posting a pick of her all smiles in her crib to show this off.


You are very lucky. Izzy wakes up crying no matter after nap or 10 hrs of sleep. He takes a few minutes to snap out and then he is a happy boy.

Ricci said...

Sweet girls. Gentleness is something girls seems to have more than boys. Miles is sensative but not gentle and Eli is a bruiser. Both are happy and a joy but I hope someday to have the sweetness of a little girl (watch, she'll be the craziest of all;)) Keep the pics coming!