Friday, June 15, 2007

Bad Weather *Sucks* When Your Husband Is *Supposed* To Come Home.

So, I get a phone call from my husband this afternoon, which was odd, since he was supposed to be on the plane coming home. Well. He says, "Looks like I won't be home until tomorrow morning." WHAT? I say in a shocked voice. So, Texas is having really bad weather right now... I guess. Which means that the plane can not land in severe weather, which means, yet another night to sleep alone. Ha ha. That is *if* I even go to bed. Hey, maybe keeping the theme for this week... which is... **I have SO much scrapbooking to do, so let's stay up as late as my eyes will let me** Hmmm. Last night... or should I say this morning. I didn't go to bed until 3:30 am. Zoe is teething something terrible, so she woke up at 4:45am crying (oh, and since I got into bed, let me add that for some reason I decided to watch a movie). So, poor Zoe is crying because her itty bitty gums are hurting. I immediately scour her room for the man made miracle I like to call *Oragel*. As soon as I find it, Angels sing from the Heavens. ;) I figure while she is up I might as well give her a bottle. So, I do this. She eats, she gets numbed again, and she goes to *la la land*. I on the other hand go back to bed, and proceed to stare at the ceiling for 30 minutes. Last time I looked at the clock it said 6:00am! Whoa, I say to myself! Go to sleep already, so I do. And what time do my kids and I wake up? NOON! Seriously! 12:00 pm. Lunch time. Wowza! :) Pretty spoiled that way, I guess. :)
So, like I said, maybe tonight I will just pull an all nighter, and party. Scrapbook style. ha ha! I have gotten 10 layouts done completely, and only 10 more to go.... I say only, but really I am totally freaking that I am not going to get it done before we leave for Arizona on TUESDAY, which means I would actually have to bring my entire scrapbook room with me in the gigantic suitcase my mom let us borrow, which then would leave me wondering... "Where do I put the kitchen sink?"
Oh, and since I am often forgetting things... I forgot to arrange my kids in the suitcase today, but there is always tomorrow!! So, here are these pictures of my kiddos instead. DAY 25!!

Have a great night! Don't stay up too late... ha! If you do, CALL ME! ;)

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