Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Quick Post

We are now in Arizona!! :) We flew most of the day yesterday, and frankly, I was too exhausted to post anything last night. :) Zoe flew like a champ! She didn't cry at all!! I was quite amazed! She was her usual *very* happy self! She also slept quite well too. :) Angelina had a little harder time. Her ears hurt really bad on the descents, and she threw up as we were getting off the plane when we landed in Arizona, which was quite chaotic, but, thank you God that she threw up as everyone was getting off the plane, and not in the beginning or middle of the flight! :) There were some other chaotic things, like the *huge* misunderstandings that happened, which lead to ALL of Zoe's bottles being packed in the suitcase... which was under the plane! Can I just say that I have the BEST mom in the world? I call my mom crying, because I am so freaked out, and what does she do? With less than 1 hour before our flight takes off, she manages to drive to Target, literally run in grab 2 bottles, run out, and drive to the airport. ALL of this happening in less than 1 hour... 20 minutes to be exact. And, my parents live at least 30 minutes from the airport and that is not including a trip to Target! The Lord truly blessed me yesterday with practically flying my mom's car to the airport. MOM, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!

Meanwhile, here is are day 28 pictures {yesterday}. And today's pictures will come later. :)

And, here is Angelina playing her Nintendo DS. :)

This proves that she will sleep anywhere. Including on a blanket on the airport floor. :)

This is Zeus. He stays in the house that we are staying at here in Arizona.
He is ONLY the *cutest* cat on the planet!!

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Steve and Shan said...

What a crazy story. Thank goodness for moms! They always seem to do the impossible. ;) I hope you guys have a great trip. Relax and enjoy the beautiful desert. ;)