Monday, June 4, 2007

Capturing *Every* Moment...

Well, at least I am trying to. :) It is working, though, because this 365 days of pictures is pushing me to take more and more pictures of my girls, and my surroundings in general! I am beginning to take notice of all the beauty around me, which is awesome! And, as usual, I *love* my Canon!! It takes fantastic pictures!
We are spending yet another night with my mom. :) We are having a *blast*!! My mom and I were up until 2 A.M. this morning!! Just talking and laughing, and reminiscing. Having lots of fun! Today we ran some errands, which included buying Angelina a new pair of tennis shoes at Stride Rite. They are very cute!! She begrudgingly "let" me buy them. ha ha! She loves sandals... um. Just like her Mama! ;) But, she has been playing outside a lot with the neighbor kids, and she has been playing in her wedge shoes, which in turn causes her to get terrible shin splints. So, it was time to make a trip to Stride Rite to get some *real* play shoes. :)
We also went to Costco, and Mimi's for breakfast! I was so thrilled that Raleigh was getting a Mimi's, so today, we went there! I was so excited, and actually wanted to order my favorite thing on their lunch menu... the BBQ Chicken Salad, but was shut down by the waitress!! She said that that salad was only at the Mimi's on the WEST COAST!! Sincerely disappointed, I just stuck with my original order... *2 pancakes*. That is life, I guess, but I do hate that they put different things on their menus for different parts of the United States. Bummed out!!
At the end of the afternoon, we headed back to my mom's {and dad's} house to cook dinner. My mom was having some friends over, and these friends of hers I really like, so I stayed. Then decided to spend the night again, because Zoe has an eye doctor appt. tomorrow morning, and the doc is really close to my parent's house. It just made sense. :) Before dinner, I took Angelina driving around and I took some pictures of surrounding nature and animals. :)

All in all, it's been a great day!! So far time has gone by *really* fast! Mike will be home before I know it! :) I need to stay at my house tomorrow and Wednesday night, though! haha! That way I can get more done! Because we will be back here Thursday night {probably} to spend the weekend here. And, I have A LOT to do at home. But for now, I am kinda just goin with the flow of things, and having fun!

Well, time to get going! I am getting tired, and I need to get up at a descent time tomorrow so I can take Zoe to the doctor's office so he can check her eyes to make sure everything in her eyes are still good! :) Just a routine check-up for babies that were born prematurely.

Here are Day 14 Pictures!! Can't believe it's been that long already! :)

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