Tuesday, June 5, 2007

LOL! :) Making mini baby beds...

Just wanted to post this. It cracks me up everytime I see it in my flickr page. LOL! Angelina comes in one day begging me to make this tiny little baby thing a bed out of half an easter egg. *LOL*. Well, 5 squares of toilet paper and half an easter egg later... we were left with this silly thing. ;)

More later! Enjoy this one! ha ha ha! Kids are so silly sometimes!

***Oh, and on another note, Zoe saw the eye doctor today, and her retinopathy of prematurity {ROP} is completely gone as he expected it would be!! So, that is good news!! It will always be known and referred to that she was born premature, but she is no longer showing any signs of being premature! :) Just wanted to share. I pretty much knew her ROP was going to be gone, but it's always nice to be reassured... ya know?!***

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