Monday, May 14, 2007

Today, It's My *Birthday*...

::Top Secret:: revealed!!
Here is the project I was working on last week for Mike... :) Will explain more later. I love it!

*Love* that song. hehe!

I don't have any deep thoughts for my birthday... because, I swear that I will LOVE my birthday even when I am Over that hill! :) Birthday's have ALWAYS been a very big thing in our family, so I *love* to celebrate birthdays to the fullest! Each and EVERY one! Whether it's your first birthday or your 7th or your 35th or your 90th! Just *love* a birthday! :) I am having a great birthday so far. :) Today is a beautiful day here in North Carolina!! Not too hot, but PERFECT! :) It has rained a lot lately, so it smells *GREAT* outside! Like fresh plants, and clean air! :) I love it here! Love it love it love it! My parents are coming to take me to lunch today. YAY! They just got back from Europe last night, and they had a blast, but are so GLAD to be home! :) I am glad too! :) Missed them terribly!

Mother's Day was really nice! Just relaxed for the most part. Went to Old Navy and bought MYSELF some new clothes!! :) And, of course, CAN NOT go to Old Navy and not buy my girls some clothes, so we all made booty. :) Angelina is going to take me to get our nails and feet done, and I am SO excited about that! I will definitely be photographing that! Mike is going to take me to get my hair done! THANK YOU BABE! So in need of some primping! You have NO idea! :) We went to dinner, and just spent quality time together! Every Mother's Day, I realize how blessed I am to be a Mama! My kids are GREAT! This year was my first Mother's Day with 2 kids, and it was so special! :) Being a Mother is a very tough job, and every year it gets harder and harder, but it's all worth it and rewarding. I realized this year that I am doing the best that I can! I don't wonder anymore if I am a good Mother, because {I} know I am! Yes, I lose my patience, I get mad, I get frustrated, and I sometimes get annoyed, and tired of being clinged to, but you know what? When I look back, I am so grateful for all of those things! With none of those feelings, what kind of Mother am I, really? Having babies and older kids isn't all flowers and bubbles! It is HARD work! Sometimes you want to just go hide for a while, but you get through it! And, for all of those hard times you go through, it makes you a better person, and more importantly a better Mother! Being a Mother is a blessing! And, I love being one! :) OK, so those are my deep thoughts. haha! Here are some pictures of ME and my girls! Yes, you read that right! ME!!!

Zoe Kisses!!!

Laughing with my girls!

Oh how I *love* them!

Look at this card my *loving* husband got for me for Mother's Day! OK. Ummm, best husband award goes to Michael B. Benner!!! I cried!
::Love you Babe::

So, it was a good weekend, and so far a good Birthday!! :) Off to Michael's to spend gift certificates that I got from my parents and my grandparents!!! WOO HOO! Then off to OUTBACK for dinner! YUM YUM in my TUM TUM! OK, I am giddy with happiness and now leaving! Bye! ;o)


Aron & Suz said...

Happy birthday, friend! Sounds like you are just soaking in all the love. Aron and I actually ate at Outback for Mother's Day on Saturday night. It's been ages since ate there and it was so amzing.

Super pics; glad to see you in them!

Ricci, Mission Viejo CA (yes,still) said...

Happy Happy Birthday, glad it was a great one!


Glad you had a great birthday. Welcome to being 26!