Friday, May 4, 2007

*Me*, {Myself} and -i-

Reluctantly I am putting this picture of *MYSELF* on here! Not liking it, but many people have "subtly" poked me for answers as to why there are no pictures of {me} on here... I am my biggest critique! That is why, but I am going to "man" up and post a picture of myself from the other day. As usual, not a fan of the picture, but, I will get over it! *haha*


Matt & Rachel said...

Yeah, I see Shey!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting a picture, I know my suggestion wasn't quite so subtle but thanks for posting it. I understand, I'm my worst critic too and people give me a hard time about it. I'm working to get over that as I know I want to have tons of pictures of me and my sweet D together...Thanks for reluctantly but sweetly showing us your sweet face! Hugs & Skittles!

The Benners said...

Thanks for understanding! :) I need to lose *lots* of weight, so I don't want people seeing pictures of me right now. lol. But, I guess that's the breaks. :) I will try & get past this too. ;)

Aron & Suz said...

You look lovely! Beautiful smile. Thanks for posting a recent shot. :)