Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Farewell Stars Hollow

My favorite show of *all* time, Gilmore Girls, has just had it's series finale. What a {total} bummer!! I guess I am just weird, but I really loved this show. I looked forward to every Tuesday. I guess one of the main reasons I loved it so much was watching this mother and daughter grow to be best friends. It makes me think of me and my girls some day when they get older. Tonight the show ended by the mother, Lorelai, saying good-bye to her daughter, Rory, who just accepted a job as a reporter. This episode made me cry. Not only because the show is over, but because for some reason it made me think of the future one day when my girls will leave home to pursue their dreams. While I look forward to their achievements, and their careers, dreams and their own families, I think it will be so sad to have to watch them "leave the nest". Not sure why this show made me think so much about that, and made me so emotional, but it did. I can not believe the show isn't coming back. :) Well, I enjoyed watching it while it was on. Watch it if you haven't seen it! Repeats are on all the time! :) Anyway. It's almost midnight! Need to get to bed. Just writing out my thoughts... even if they are about television. haha!


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Matt & Rachel said...

I cried too, the entire show. Partly because I've loved the show for 7 years and like you have looked forward to it every Tuesday. I too looked at it and thought of the future, obviously not with a specific child as for most of it's run there were no children to specifically consider, but just the idea that I wanted to raise a child who was independent and their own person but also one of my best friends, and always thought girl or boy I wanted this...Now that D's on the way it's something I've thought about alot I hope to be something I didn't have growing up, but the real challenge there is finding a good balance between being your child's parent and friend....sigh oh the challenges to come! I can't wait!