Friday, May 11, 2007

*Lovely* Day...

See this cup? It was mine when I was her age! I love that! Love seeing her use things that used to be mine. :)

2nd attempt at this! My computer decided it didn't like me anymore, and shut off. Was mad, but cooled off, and now I am back for a 2nd go round. Let's hope I can post this! haha!

So, today has been a great day so far! Angelina's school, Lord of Life, puts on a special day for moms every year. It's really great!! This year they called it *Muffins for Moms*. It was very nice! Angelina was awarded for some artwork she did a couple months ago, and today she finally got the award for it. Picture is below. :)
Not to mention, when we got there, there were presents for me! I love presents! But, not just {any} presents... ANGELINA presents. Homemade by Angelina. Angelina Art! Which, I love, and have expressed my love for her art before here... scroll down a tad. :) Pictures of Angelina's presents for me are below...
Window Decoration :)

Votive Holder!!!

Not only did she get an award, and I got presents, but all the kids sang a song. Watching her sing filled my eyes with tears, and just the thought of it even now makes me get all teared up. I suppose it's because next year she will be in Kindergarten, and since I can not seem to get over that fact, I occasionally tear up because she is growing up so darn *fast*! It is exciting, though! And, speaking of exciting, Angelina is reading DR.SEUSS books!!!!! Crazi*ness!

We also have a spirited visitor with us...

This would be my parents' dog. :) Don't ask what her name is. haha! OK, fine, it's Zoe! haha! And, I am NOT joking. And, no, I did not name my child after this dog.
Anyway. Yes, "Zo" is visiting while my parents are STILL in Europe! But, they get home on Sunday! Yay! Can't wait to see them. And I know that "Zo" can't either. But, she is a great dog! And, I love having her around, especially when Mike is out of town. Which, speaking of, he gets home Tonight!!!! Woo Hoo!

Well, I am off to get my Angelina at school, and then off to the Picture People for birthday pictures! 5 years old in 9 days! Wow*ie! :) Be back on later to reveal my "Top Secret Project" I have been working on!

Until Then...

Ummm. Cute.

Her award! We are so *proud*

Angelina and her friend, {Mary}

::Angelina::, *Mary and *Alexis.

Angelina's friend, {Daniel}


Aron & Suz said...

i love it; she is so freakin' cute. what a beauty. her voice is lovely, tell her that. :)

Lindsey said...

it's lindsey sandoval, now kliewer. i just tried posting a comment, and i don't think it worked, so here we go again... i really enjoy the way to edit photos for your site (darkened corners, white grunge borders, B&W with bits of color, etc.). what program/s do you use to do it? i am in the market for some photo editing software, and don't want to purchase more power than i need, and i would love to know what you use to create your blogsite beauty. thanks!

The Benners said...

Hey Linds! Congrats on getting married. :) I use Photoshop Elements. :) I also download different things off scrapbooking websites. But mostly just PS Elements.
Hey, can you email me Angel's info?


marcela said...

Shey, love the video, it is soooo sweet.

Angelina is so cute and yes, she is growing so fast.

Your blog is so beautiful, keep it up!

Lindsey said...

shay, check out angel's new blogsite.