Saturday, May 26, 2007

May = Busy!

Finally! I have the time to sit down, and actually write. :) Although, I have posted a couple of times lately on my craft blog, Stick Horses. Check it out here!!!!!!!!!!

I do look forward to May every year, but realize a week in how stressful the month actually is for me! I mean, with so many birthdays and so many activities. It just gets totally ridiculous! And, now as I sit here, I am SO glad that it is ALL over! Well, for now, anyway. haha! Though stressful, we did have a lot of fun! Here's just a short summarization of what has happened in only TWO weeks!!!

So, aside from My grandfather's birthday, my birthday and Mother's Day...

Angelina's Birthday party... SO fun! She had a TOTAL blast!! Angelina had a "princess" type party. I don't really go too crazy with the decorations, but I did do some fun things... I will post the pictures of some of the things I did later. :) But, anyway. She had about 15 little friends over. They hit a pinata, did crafts, played on Angelina's play set outside, and opened gifts, and of course ate CAKE! This was her biggest birthday party on record! Our house was packed with kids and parents. Just the way I like it! So fun! Angelina got *so* many great gifts!! One gift she got was a barbie jeep from my parents {grandma and papa to Angelina}. She *loves* that thing!! We are re-doing her bedroom for her. At the end of the day, she pooped out. :)

Angelina's *actual* Birthday... Angelina had her ballet recital on her birthday. Which was totally fine by her! Afterall, her BIG birthday celebration was the day before. She had no complaints. Plus, she really {loves} being on stage and the center of attention, so that was a good birthday "present" for her. :) She did fantastic at her recital!! All the girls in her class looked and did SO great!! We were all SO *proud of our girls. :) For all of you with little baby girls right now... definitely think about putting your girls in ballet! It's a BLAST!! After her recital, we went to lunch/dinner with my parents and celebrated her birthday and great recital. It was low key and lovely! Again, Angelina pooped out at the end of the day. :)

Preschool Graduation... This was a *BIG* one!! I definitely got emotional, and totally tripped out seeing Angelina in a cap and gown! It made me flash forward 13 or so years from now to her high school graduation. It was literally like a real flash forward! Like you see in the movies! Pretty insane. :) Anyway. She looked {totally} adorable! See previous post of her. It was a bittersweet night as I realized that Angelina would no longer be going to Lord of Life Pre-K, and would be attending Kindergarten at public school next year. It is sad, just because Angelina absolutely *loved* her teacher, Ms. Rosie at LOLPK. But, it's OK. Part of growing up for her, and as her Mother, and Mike as her Father, we get to go through all of this with her. Even if it gets emotional. It's a big step, and it is SO exciting!!!!
Anyway, after the lovely graduation, we went to dinner with our good friends Donnie and Chrystal. And their kids, Tyler and Alexis {Angelina's very good friend}. We had fun! It was nice to just go out to dinner with them, talk, eat, laugh, and then go home. Much needed low key night with great friends. :) I took some pictures from that dinner, which I will post either tomorrow or Monday.

Yesterday... um. Can you say FUN??? Angelina, Zoe and I went to my friend Chrystal's house for a few hours, and our girls played on the slip n slide. Which, of course, brought back a lot of memories! It was great seeing Angelina playing on it, because it was totally out of her comfort zone! I was so proud of her, because normally she would never have gone and played if the water was going to get in her face! Yesterday. She was my little "risk" taker. Very brave little five year old! :) Oh, and another thing that happened... Mike got an apple computer! I think that I may have mentioned this already. But, I can't describe in words his excitement, except to say that he hasn't put it down for more than a few hours. *Hilarious* Needless to say, now I have a laptop!! I got Mike's old one! I LOVE having this laptop! FREEDOM! lol.

Today... Angelina got most of her birthday present from Mike and I. She got a new castle bed!! Let me just tell you... she changed her mind about spending the night with grandma and papa and decided that she would beg dad to put the castle bed together for her so she could so enthusiastically sleep in it RIGHT NOW! haha! That bed rocks! I wish they made those when I was Angelina's age! I would have loved to have one!! I will take pictures of her in it tomorrow. So cute!

Right now... Just finished watching Eragon the movie. AWESOME!! Loved it! And, obviously I am writing this blog entry, which I have just been informed, is a novel. Duh, babe! hehe! Hoping that I am not boring everyone with this endless *report* on my life, but oh well. I needed to do this... I look back on my posts when I scrapbook. :)

It's getting late, though, so I am going to go to bed now and get some MUCH needed sleep!

Good night!

Good Quote: "Without Fear There Can Not Be Courage." -Saphira

This is my good friend Chrystal... *I love you Chrystal!! Don't kill me for putting these pictures of you on here!! ;) *

Lovin' this picture of Chrystal on the Slip N Slide!! HA HA! So much fun! :)

And, of course we CAN NOT forget about Zoe!! Here's a pic of her. ;)

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