Monday, May 7, 2007

in *one* week...

I will be 26! Not 25 anymore... Twenty Six! Why is this coming at such a shock to me? Maybe because one year ago I found out I was pregnant. One year ago I was 24, 1 year ago Angelina was *almost* four. One year sure does go by fast... at least this past one did... Could it be because of everything that happened? *haha* Maybe!! Well, any way. I just thought of that, and, decided that I could not believe how fast time has flown by. Seems like I clicked my heels three times and here I am a year later. :) Happy. Content, and *loving* my life, and family! Edwin McCain had it right! "I could not ask for more..." Life is good. :)
Mike left this morning to go out of town again, so I am going this week alone. But, it's OK. :) At times it can be a bit stressful, but I look at it as a time to go crazy, and spend alone time with my crazy monkeys, and when everyone is asleep at night, I throw myself an *alone party*. I really get crazy! I scrapbook or watch movies, or sing, or blog or sometimes I even... stay up REALLY late! haha! Seriously, though. I try and get as much done as possible, and sometimes... that is nothing. ;) I admit, I am guilty of relaxing. And doing absolutely nada for several hours at night. And, I *love* it! :)
Oh, & by the way, my parents are in EUROPE right now! *not fair* haha! They were in VENICE, ITALY over the weekend! Must be nice! :P Today they are in Austria. I know they are having the time of their lives! :)
Anyway, here are some random pics I took over the weekend... some are from last week. I am off to pick up Angelina from school, and then to her last dance class we go! Recital practice is next week, and then the recital!! Oh my goodness! Just another thing to remind me how FAST time is going!

{Later} Gators! ;)

Caught these 2 pictures of Zoe sleeping and sucking her thumb...

So cute!

Cutie Pie!

This is Zoe's new *funny* face. Not sure why she does it, but she does it *all* the time! It's really funny! Had to photograph it! :)

More birthday *love* for me from Mike! :) {Thanks Babe}

My mom and my girls

The following pictures of Angelina were taken for her birthday invitation, which I will post on here soon. I loved the pictures! :)


mama said...

your girls are so lucky to have such a doting and loving mommy!!

and just wait....30 comes waaaay fast, too!!! and the next day.

Aron & Suz said...

lovely, lovely shots. The one of Zoe's new face she makes is hilarious. so adorable. I also like the back shot of Angelina in her princess outfit. Very artsy.