Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Soundtrack of a 25 year old...

Yes, below is my Zune that I photographed... *hehe*... I am a total {Nerd}, but, The Zune *ROCKS*!!

OK, so my birthday is in a couple of weeks... May 14th to be exact, which has gotten me thinking about my life in the past year, and what I want to document, and remember. So, the first thing is, the soundtrack of my year 25. Meaning, the music that I have loved for an entire year. Not gotten sick of "them", but still to this very day *LOVE* listening to "them"... So, here goes... it's going to be LONG!!

Daughtry {My favorite} Loving: this, this, and this song, OK, so the whole album is great!! And just for fun. :)
*311* especially this, this, this, and this. Oh, and this. Yes, I do *love* 311. :)
Alana Davis {32 Flavors}
*Carrie Underwood* especially this, this, this and this, and this.
Evanescence. Loving this, this, and this!
Eve 6. These, these, these, these, and these are great songs!
The Fray!! Awesome, awesome, more awesome!
{Flicka Soundtrack}... liking this, this and this. This and this too!
Hinder... This, this and this... GREAT!
Incubus.... LIKE ALL! hehe! Too many to list... OK! Maybe a couple... this and this(memories with Summer come to mind. haha!), and this LOVE!
*Linkin Park* {Another Favorite... not only because I know the bass player...) Love: this, this, this, this, and this and this .... just to name a few. ;) Oh, and this has an AMAZING message! (New Song)
Maroon 5!!! Likin this song, this song, and this song.
Panic! at the disco ROCKS!!! Love this, this, this, and this ... there are more... just check out their whole album! It rocks! :)
Rascal Flatts... do I need to link videos? haha! Maybe just one... beginning is a tear jerker.
I ::LOVE:: Staind -- Especially this, this, this, and of course this! Staind is one of my *all* time favorites, so it's really hard to choose which song to share with everyone... Check Staind out, Aron Lewis is a FANTASTIC singer and a heart throb! haha! Love this band! {Will} go to his concert ONE day. :)
.Stone Sour. This band is *really* hard core, but he has 2 songs that I absolutely *love* that are -not- hard core... those songs are here and here.
Tim McGraw... nothing more needs to be said or linked... :) Tim McGraw is *awesome*!
Trapt::: Like this song, this one and {LOVE} this one.

OK, tag you're it! What is the current soundtrack of *your* life? :)



Aron & Suz said...

i know you were wanting my feedback, but this is all a bit intense! :) I do like Evanescence and I have to be in the mood for Panic (we wore them out early on), 311 is solid. Like The Fray. Others on there, don't really listen to as much. I think we like more indy stuff. BTW--how do you know Dave? he went to mission and aron roomed with him for awhile.

The Benners said...

*hehe* I knew him when he was with "The Snax" or "Tasty Snax". I took them out a lot and took pictures of them, and Summer Clark and I went to their gigs and took pictures. Pretty fun times!! :)

The Benners said...

Oh, and sorry my post was so intense! :( I know, A LOT to listen to. But, I did that most mainly for myself so that one day I will scrap it and remember which bands I loved when I was 25. :) Love to hear what others are listening to, though! I think right now Panic, Linkin and Daughtry are my favs. :)

Aron & Suz said...

oh yes, the Snax. a cult OC band back in the day. fun that you took pics of them; didn't know that. we are really great friends with Eric and family.

right now, i'm into the decemberists, gomez, and imogean heap.

The Benners said...

Ooooh! Like Imogen Heap! :) I will have to check the other ones out. I am now also newly into Gwen Stefani, and Plain White T's. :)