Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Day Eight photos. :) Have things to write about, but too tired to do it right now. Time for bed.


Matt & Rachel said...

Okay I just told Dealey he needs to be like Zoe, you must share your secret if there is one for making this amazing event happen! I know I'm enjoying my sleep time while on bed rest but realize it will all be over very soon but wouldn't it be a pleasant surprise if D did sleep well! Ah, I guess I can dream!

The Benners said...

Laughing...literally out loud! :) I really don't have a secret to off load to everyone about Zoe's amazing sleeping habits! I think it may have a little bit to do with her prematurity, and being in the hospital. But I am really unsure about that even! I just think that the Lord really blessed us!! :) Not sure how long it will last... so we shall see. ;)

Aron & Suz said...

I just saw that pillow at Target yesterday and wanted it for M's room. We do have similar taste. :)