Saturday, May 5, 2007

.i heart may.

So, this month *Rocks*! :) And, of course for the obvious! It's my {birthday} month! Today is NATIONAL SCRAPBOOK DAY!! It's *Mother's Day*, and it's Angelina's {birthday} month too! And, those are *only* a few things that are going on this month! :) Angelina is just like me, meaning, she can not wait to give me the presents she gets for me! :) So, I got my Mother's Day and Birthday presents from my {girls} last night! Check out *all* the scrapbooking lOvE I got!! WOOT! How fitting for today, huh? hehe!

Scrapbooker of the Year, HERE I COME!!! *haha*

Hopefully I will have time to scrapbook, between Mike going out of town next week, ballet class, ballet rehearsals, my birthday, Angelina's birthday, Angelina's b'day party, Angelina's ballet recital, Mother's Day, My birthday dinner with my parents, friends' birthday party next week, my grandpa's birthday in a few days, Angelina's last days of school, Angelina's graduation, end of school parties. and taking care of Zoe all at the same time... haha! :) Stressing just reading this!

As I think about the school year coming to a close, I can not believe that Angelina will be going to Kindergarten next year!! It's crazy thinking that she will be in *Elementary* school!! Wow! She is growing up SO fast! The only thing I will miss about Angelina in preschool... is Fridays.

Peace out! Be back on Monday!


mama said...

oooooohhhh...i looooove getting scrapbooking goodies. what a lucky mum you are. looks like you're going to have a great bdaymommyscrapbooking month.

woot woot!!

Holly said...

Hey Shealynn,

How's it going? I always check your blog when you update and your little girls are so lovely and their personality REALLY seem to come thru in your photos. I know you like comments, and this is my first one...and I just HAD too!. Your photography is amazing. Really amazing. I don't know if you have ever done it professionally or are just getting that good because of all the practice with the family photos. You should really consider doing it professionally at some point. The pictures of the family are always so warm and genuine and the outdoor stuff is truly amazing. I loved the photos of the flowers and of your daytrip out to visit the horses. This is professional quality photography. You honestly have a talent for it! Maybe you could do kids b-day parties, weddings, etc. What kind of camera do you use? When I remember to get out the camera for occasions, my pictures seem kinda cold and very "posed". But,I had to tell you how much I admire your talent, and what you have is truly a talent! Just wanted to say you have a fan...and it is hard to believe how quick the girls will grow up, you can NEVER have too many pictures of your girls, or your husband too. But he's already grown...well. as much as men do grow up anyway. LOL. Take care,

Aron & Suz said...

you raked in the goods for sure!