Monday, May 21, 2007

My *New* Diggs!!

So, yesterday I got a ::new:: camera!!!! :) Happy me! We had an EXTREMELY busy weekend, so it was nice to get this camera... like the icing on the *cake*. :)

I got the Canon Rebel Xti digital SLR camera!! 10.1 Megapixels, 3 pictures per second, takes magnificent photos yada yada yada!! Ummm, I am excited, and needless to say, I took over 250 pictures of Zoe today!! haha! Here are some pictures I have taken with my new *diggs*... my Canon! :)

Pictures of Angelina to come tomorrow! She was at school today. Speaking of, today was her *last* normal day of school! She has half day on Wednesday, and {Graduates} pre-school on THURSDAY!!! This has been a big week for her! Her birthday party was on Saturday, her ballet recital and Birthday was yesterday, and preschool graduation on Thursday! Then, thank goodness, this month will almost be over! haha! As much as I initially *love* May, by the end of the month I am ready for May to be over! ha ha! OK, need to get going!

Night! More pictures tomorrow w/ my NEW CANON!! woot woot!


Aron & Suz said...

ooh, very snazzy. we actually looked at getting that camera at one point. nice shots; i esp. like the one of Z's feet. :)

The Benners said...

Thanks Suz! Yes, I looked in to getting the Nikon N80 and the Nikon D200, but the D200 was a little much for me right now. Once I get my photography business "booming" then I will get a Professional Camera. But, not the D200, the Canon 5D. :) I liked the Canon pictures better than the Nikon, plus the canon is half the weight of the Nikon. That's what made me choose the Canon. :)

angelina joy said...

So jealous!

Love how you waste no time in trying it out.

You have really progressed in your photo skills since your Sam Johnson model shot days! hehe