Monday, May 28, 2007

.The Sixth and Seventh Day.

Sorry! I didn't get a chance to post a picture of the girls yesterday! We were out and about most of the day. :) Didn't get home from my parents' house til late last night. I love them! We see them ALL the time! It's so awesome how close my mom and I are! I consider her one of my best friends! We share many things, and I always know she will be there if I need her! Not to mention, they LOVE Mike and are always there for him too! They are *amazing* grandparents! It's so wonderful to see Angelina with them! They are very involved in our kids' lives, and I {LOVE} that about them! It's great to see Zoe interact with both of them too! :) She has melted my dad's heart as Angelina did. :) Anyway. Just wanted to post about them! Because... ::I love you Mom and Dad:: :) We went to their house yesterday for a pool party! It was A LOT of fun! We all had a blast, including Zoe! She was cold at first, but soon began having fun and playing. :) I will be posting those pictures later today. :) Have a great morning!

Below is a picture of Angelina and some of her friends from her pre-school. :) Left of her is Mary and to the right of her is MeKayla. :) So cute!! This was taken on their graduation day.

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