Monday, April 23, 2007

Saving *babies* together

Saturday, as you all know, was the March of Dimes WalkAmerica walk. It was *a lot* of fun to see everyone there!! I was so glad to see all the babies, and MAN, what an {amazing} difference it was seeing them now compared to at the hospital!! I didn't get pictures of some of the babies, but the babies I did get pictures of are below. :) Sorry, Christine! I wish I got a picture of Sophia! If you have one, please email it to me, and I will post it! :)
It was so incredible to see all the walkers there, and to just see the amazing survival stories screen printed on people's t-shirts!!

This was at the end of the walk. We were waiting for some of our group.
Zoe did *VERY* well! No crying, just smiling or sleeping. :)

*Zoe Rae Benner* Born at 30 Weeks & 0 Days

Zoe's cute little flower slippers... aren't they cute?!?

Jon Patrick Born @ 33 Weeks & 0 Days

Kate M. Born @ 29 Weeks & 0 Days

Sean M. Born @ 29 Weeks & 0 Days

The Name of our *team*

I don't have a picture of her @ this walk, but I did get a picture of her stroller sign.

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