Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sibling Similarity?

OK, so, my friend *Suzanne* asked me to post some baby pictures of *Angelina* so she and everyone else could see if there was a sibling similarity. :) Prepare for *lots* of pictures! And, don't forget to **Tell me what you think**

Don't think I need to say who is who, right?

OK, below is Zoe... Above is Angelina...

OK, Angelina above and Zoe below (I *swear* she has food on her face, but it's hard to see Carrots in this pic, I guess).

So, what do you think? They look alike?

*he he he*

1 comment:

Aron & Suz said...

They really look alot alike, I think. A was such a cute baby, too. I like how you paired the pics to show each of them at similar stages. Good stuff. Now, it's time for some mommmy and daddy baby pics! :) Ours are above our closet in storage, hard to get to, but I keep asking Aron to get them down so I can blog with our baby pics. Everyone says M look like A most, but she really does look like me as a baby, I just need the proof!