Friday, April 20, 2007

{Happily} Recalling My Week...

I can not believe how *fast* this week has gone by!! Mike left very early Monday morning for a business trip to Arizona, and today he is flying from Arizona to California just for one night. This week has been one of the better times that Mike has been out of town. Normally, the week is filled with crying, and attitude due to Angelina missing her daddy terribly. Well, I am happy to report! She has been quite amazing! I think we may have had one slight meltdown? But obviously not enough to "write home about". I think she realizes that being alone with mama {is} fun!! (gasp). Mama is fun? *haha*. I must say, for having a 5 year old, and a 6 month old, watching my mom and dad's dog, taking Angelina to and from school, to and from ballet class, and *whatever* else we did... {I have a foggy brain}... we had a fantastic week! Tomorrow is the March of Dimes Walk America walk, and I am REALLY looking forward to that! I am seeing some of the woman that I meet while Zoe was in the hospital. Their babies are said to have grown, and I can't wait to find this out for myself. *haha*. Angelina is going to our neighbors to play, since I feel making a 5 year old walk 3.1 miles is cruel and unusual punishment. haha. Zoe get's to ride in the stroller, and go have a "playdate" with all her NICU Sorority friends. hehe. I have been scrapbooking and crafting a lot this week too, which is *always* a good thing! Especially since I am taking a ::BIG:: step, and entering in the Scrapbooker of the Year contest put on by Creating Keepsakes magazine! I need to make 20 Layouts by July. Please pray for me as I am working on this! I REALLY want to win! And, I really think I can. ;) If I win, I get a 2 year contract with Creating Keepsakes (CK) Magazine. Wowie! That would be SO {amazing}!
Oh, and I have been watching {a lot} of movies lately. We just joined blockbuster's online rental service (exactly like Netflix, but BETTER). So, needless to say, we have been watching *lots* of movies. I added a "Must See Movies" section on the right side of my blog. Check it out. What did I watch this week? Step Up (AWESOME), The Science of Sleep (Good, but different), and, tonight I am watching Freedom Writers, and A Good Year. So, check back to see if I recommend those. *hehe*
Zoe is doing great! She is *still* teething. haha. She is trying to sit up. Which amazes me, because she puts A LOT of effort into it. She trys it from either a laying down position, or if she is leaning on something, like a pillow. At this rate, she'll be sitting herself up next week. (teasing). Oh, and today, she had *Turkey* baby food, and she {loved} it!
Angelina, is doing great as well! Reading a lot. I am learning all the time that she is a total pack rat. hehe. I find the strangest things... & She is turning out to be quite the little {model}. Always wanting me to take pictures of her. LOL. It's great for me, since I pretty much am constantly walking around - camera in tow. My children are *WELL* photographed. lol.

Have a {GREAT} weekend!!

Here are *some* pictures I took this week....

Baby Blue Eyes. :)

I was having fun with photoshop today while editing my pictures... *loved* how this one looked in a blue tone. :)

Daddy and Zoe... so *cute*

What can I say? She is crazy! :) This is how she gets when the camera is out...

This is how a 4 {almost 5} year old puts on make-up. *hehe* Anyone want a makeover?

She is *obviously* having a blast!

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Aron & Suz said...

You have a gorgeous family. And you are a talented photographer, to boot. Love these new shots. Thanks for the life update, too. I always enjoy hearing about how things are going. Glad to hear that you have done well with Mike being gone.