Tuesday, April 3, 2007

That's it! We're movin to Wyoming!

Flicka means "pretty girl".

My husband went to dinner with "the guys" for dinner, which meant, a dinner and movie date with who? Me and my girls, of course! Made some spaghetti, and Angelina, Zoe and I sat on the couch to watch the movie, Flicka. We really weren't sure what we were about to get ourselves into, so we sat, open to whatever scenes played out for us.

Let me just say... this movie makes me want to pack up everything we own, put the house on the market and move to Wyoming!! For those of you that know me, you should know by now that I am nothing short of a horse FREAK! I LOVE horses! I always have. My entire life I have wanted nothing more than to have a husband, kids, a dog and some horses. I am well on my way, since I have a husband who wants to retire on a ranch... just wishing that it was sooner rather than later, I guess. But, it gives us something to look forward to! Although, an hour drive to and from school through the country... kinda actually sounds nice.

If you haven't seen this movie, it's on my MUST see movie list! Look on the right side of my blog for other recommended movies.
Whether you have a love for horses, for the outdoors, for your family or for a wild spirit! See this movie!! Just be ready for some tears. Here is the preview for the movie Flicka. Woman, prepare to be a blubbering mess, because I couldn't help but cry! It's a very touching movie!

And, at the bottom... the theme song of the movie, sung by Tim McGraw. If you have a daughter or, like me, 2 daughters, then this song will likely produce some tears. :)

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mama said...

Yay!! I'm glad this movie is on it's way to me as we speak via netflix. Can't wait to watch it with my girls.