Sunday, April 1, 2007

April Begins....

So, yesterday, we took the girls to Lake Benson Park by our house. They were having an easter egg "hunt" and many other activities, which of course included, the easter bunny himself! Which I might add sparked quite an interesting conversation up with Angelina. Here is how it went...

Angelina: "Daddy! Why in the WORLD was the easter bunny wearing TENNIS SHOES?!"
Daddy: "The easter bunny was wearing TENNIS SHOES?!"
Angelina: "DADDY!"
Daddy: "What?! I didn't see TENNIS SHOES!"
Angelina: "YES! He was wearing TENNIS SHOES! How silly is that?"
Mommy: **Laughing under her breath**

So, meanwhile... here are a lot of pictures taken of all the fun!!


"Mommy! Look at all the easter eggs!!"

Angelina and Hayden waiting to get eggs

AND... They're OFF!!

Angelina is "slightly" obsessed with the color pink... so, at first she was trying to only get the pink eggs. It was pretty funny.

This picture turned out pretty cool!! She was surrounded by other kids all trying to achieve the same goal she was... GET ALL EGGS IN SIGHT! ha ha! She did get quite a few!
For this moment, though, she was SURROUNDED by chaos.

Daddy even took Zoe to her section and got her a couple of eggs!! Doesn't she look delighted?

Here is big sis and little sis after all is said and done... I think Zoe was afraid of the eggs. :)

Here is Angelina and that TENNIS SHOE wearing easter bunny!

Not to sure about this face painting... the egg looks a little drab to me, but Angelina really cared... no, not really! She loved it!

Angelina was bored waiting to hunt eggs, so here she is trying to use up some time. Her and her very good friend, Hayden were twirling... I just liked the picture.

Zoe was VERY tired! Can't you tell? She slept through VERY loud music, kids screaming, me, Mike and my friend Amy SHOUTING over the very loud music, and more loud sounds that would take a while to list. She is such a great sound sleeper!

"Mommy... Hayden is my best friend. I love her."

I love this picture of Angelina running!! I love that my camera caught her hair perfectly. You may be able to even tell that she was running wildly! :)

THE END... at least for now.

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