Friday, April 6, 2007

Angelina Skye Benner

So, since I do updates on Zoe quite often, I figured it was *definitely* Angelina's turn to be focused on in this post. She is going to be *5* next month! Did you catch that? FIVE YEARS OLD! *Whoa* says my inner voice.

Angelina has made some *HUGE* achievements so far this school year. She has become quite the social butterfly. I remember one day I took her to school, and as we were signing her in, and going into the class, *every* kid in her class jumped to their feet, and ran over screaming, ANGELINA, ANGELINA!!! All kids had arms wide open in order to squeeze her so tightly she turned blue. :) I was quite speechless, which for me is quite *rare* and can be hard to achieve! Only then did I realize how much Angelina is growing up! She is in school! She is happy! She is.... she is... amazing!

No, being *Little Miss Popular* is far from the biggest achievement...

Starting in January of this year, Angelina is READING! On her *own*! She is learning small books, but they get bigger every week! Words CAN NOT describe that surreal moment when you sit down with her... not knowing what to expect... and, she whips out her book, and just begins blurting out *exactly* what is on each page. It is SO SO AMAZING! I think this is the real moment that I realized that, "Oh. My. Gosh!! Angelina is growing up so *fast*! That person was right... before I know it, she will be in high school! ha ha ha! It is so true! Our kids *grow* ever so quickly, and many times we don't realize just how quickly, until something like, *reading* on their own happens. Then, you freak, but come to a calm, and just start really trying to *cherish* moments with your kids.

Another *BIG* thing... Angelina will be in KINDERGARTEN this fall! WOW! She is going to public school. School starts sometime in August. So... she will be in *elementary school*! Pretty Amazing, right?

Well, that's all for now. I took the pictures below yesterday... sorry that there are SO many, but they were ALL so *good*... I could not decide. :)

Enjoy! Have a great weekend!




Jenny Moore said...

Love the new layout of the blog! And Angelina is such a cutie! I can't believe she's almost 5!

The Benners said...

Thanks Jen!! :) I was getting tired of seeing the black, so I figured I would brighten up a bit, and I LOVE it too. :) Five already, I know! :)

Aron & Suz said...

Love your pics. Angelina is so photogenic. :)

The Benners said...

Thank you Suz! :) Yes, she is VERY photogenic!! :)