Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Just wanted to {add}....

That I am *so* blessed! Blessed to have 2 children. Blessed to have a {Wonderful}... yes, with a capital *W*, husband. Blessed to live in such a *beautiful* state! Blessed to have {love}, happiness, and *family*... and of course, God!
I also feel blessed for the little things, like. Seeing each new day through my girls' eyes, having 2 kids that sleep totally through the night... so I guess, getting a {full} night of sleep is a blessing :), blessed to have a roof over my head, and food on the table.

Today, and everyday, I am *Blessed*

Just wanted to count and write out my blessings that I am ever so thankful for!!

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Robin Jennings said...

It is so strange to read about all of you girls (you, Katie, Ketchen, Ricci, etc) having babies. I am glad you are having a fab day. One time it made me sad to think that I was missing out because I am not preggers... but it's not my time yet. I'm too busy as it is taking care of two people let alone adding a third. Keep the cute pics coming and eventually throw on one of yourself, eh?