Monday, April 9, 2007

Blood Diamond

OK, so Mike and I watched Blood Diamond tonight, and may I just say that it was an excellent movie. While it was violent, it brought a realization to me about the diamonds that this whole movie was centered around. It was unbelievable watching this movie, and seeing the horrible conditions and the horrible ways these people were treated, and all in the name of diamonds, and the money people payed for them.
Now, I really wonder where my diamond came from that is set in my wedding ring. While I will likely never know, this movie has really made me wonder just how many "blood diamonds" do get into this country...
Another thing that I took from this movie, is not taking what I have for granted!! This movie shows families torn apart, and children MADE to become rebel soldiers. These things really happen, and knowing this, makes me appreciate America so much more. Thank God for *freedom*, and the safety we have in our homes, and in our everyday lives!!

Really...If you haven't seen this movie, I definitely recommend it!!

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