Wednesday, April 4, 2007

*Crafty* is my middle name!

**Look what I made!**

So, I have been thinking for the past couple of days that I am going to start a new blog! Yes, I have lots of blog stuff swirling around the universe right now. Mike is still working on mycustom blog... *Lots* to do on that! :) I will keep this blog, because it still has posts and pictures on it, but I will discontinue posting new things to it once my new family blog is finito. When I am totally ready to switch I will *definitely* let everyone know!
But, anyway, I want to do an artsy blog. I LOVE to scrapbook and make cards, but I also love to do other things, and try *new* crafting things too. So, I am going to start working on the new artsy fartsy blog tonight, and I will post a link so everyone can check it out when it's up and running. I also want to start selling cards, and other things too, so if anyone is interested, send me an email,, or, just leave me a comment, because everyone KNOWS how much I *adore* comments. :) So, please don't hesitate. Oh! And if you have any requests, ya, you guessed it! Leave me a comment or email, and ask me if I can make it! I am sure I can! :)

Any Thoughts?

*L8ter Sk8ters*

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