Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy *Easter* from NORTH CAROLINA!

Look what I did in Photoshop!! Cool, RIGHT?

Just wanted to wish everyone a *HAPPY EASTER*!!! Hope everyone's holiday was as action packed and fun filled as ours!! Here are some pictures of the fun we have had in the past couple of days, from dying eggs to having egg hunts at church! We had a really great time! :) ENJOY!


Look closely at this photo! ;)

Egg hunting *extraordinare*!

Even *Zoe* found an egg!!

This was *SO* funny!! :)

Look what the easter bunny brought! *he he he*

The End!!!


Aron & Suz said...

Ok, how much do I love that you put Zoe in the Easter basket!

What are Mike's tatoos of? Aron has a few, too. :) I do like tats.

The Benners said...

Hey Suz. Yes, I found that basket at church, and *had* to borrow it for this photo opp! :)

Mike's Tats...

Left lower arm:
flames, and Vegas them in memory of his grandfather, whom *loved* Vegas.
Left upper arm:
Tribal band, dragon, and some Chinese symbols.
Left calf: tiger
Middle of his back: lizard
Upper left shoulder: Joker
Right arm: scary monster (which I hate to look at, and would *not* mind if he tattooed over it. :)

And... that is it... *for now*. But, he is not done. There will be more. LOL.

I love tats also. I have 2 of them. :) And I will get more one of these days too.

The Benners said...

*them in memory*

I swear I am not a moron! LOL! I meant to just write in memory... so, leave the *them* part out. LOL!