Tuesday, July 17, 2007


All I can say is WOW!! The pain I feel right now! LOL. I just joined Peak Fitness. I met with a personal trainer today, and can I just say OUCH OUCH OUCH! ha ha! We worked my legs today, and at this very moment I can barely walk. LOL. I feel good other than my muscles screaming at me. :) I am so excited about this, though! I stopped going to Curves, because they don't have a daycare. Peak has one, and Zoe *loves* it, and the women in there love Zoe. :) I was really hesitant about leaving her in the daycare, because that's just how I am... paranoid. LOL. But I left her in there yesterday as a test, and saw how much the woman loved her, and how much fun she was having. It was great! Not to mention, I can check in on her if I feel I need to. So, I am on my way to losing lots of weight!! I am signing on with a personal trainer once a week, I am already watching what I eat. Before joining the gym I lost 17 pounds, so I am on the right track! I will keep you all updated how my weight loss is going. :) I am pumped and excited!! Yay!
Anyway. It's been several days since my last post. I have been pretty busy. Mike left on Sunday for Arizona. He gets back on Saturday. Miss him, but we are keeping busy. Angelina officially started school yesterday, so I have been trying to get us all on a schedule. Which is proving to be hard for me, because I swear I am an insomniac when Mike isn't here. Maybe working my tush off at the gym will help me fall asleep faster. ;) Angelina is loving school! Just a long day, but she doesn't seem to mind. It's funny, because her going to school all day, and then coming home and having more energy just makes me realize just how much energy this girl has! She is endlessly running around, dancing like a ballerina or she wants to go outside and run and play. It just boggles my mind how much energy this kid has sometimes. LOL.
Zoe is 9 MONTHS OLD today!!! I can hardly believe it! The time is going by faster and faster!! It's pretty incredible! I have to do her 9 month letter, but will do that later. :) Still working on it. More later...

Here are Angelina's Day 52-56 pictures... Zoe's will be with her 9 month letter.

**Oh, and by the way, I am on page 150 of The Kite Runner (I know... not very far, but I have a lot to read, so I switch off). Anyway. The book is turning out to be fantastic so far! There were parts that were sad, but all in all... I like it a lot! Definitely recommend it so far. :) **

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Katie said...

Shealynn - That's awesome you are doing the personal trainer thing and that Zoe likes the daycare part of it! What a blessing. :) Good for you for doing something so good for yourself.