Saturday, July 7, 2007


We are going home tomorrow... I am not ready to go. Isn't that strange? I mean, shouldn't I be at that point of...OK. Tired of not sleeping in my own bed, or having my own things? Well. I am not. I do miss my parents and my friends. But, honestly? I have been so busy doing so much here, and learning to love Scottsdale so much that I don't want to go home right now. I told Mike last night that I *had* to go home, because Arizona is starting to suck me in. LOL. Mike LOVES Arizona, and he always has. Not sure why we didn't move here in the first place... but whatever. :) We still *love* North Carolina A LOT! Not to mention... my parents are there. :)
So, anyway. Going home tomorrow, and I get to sit on first class the entire way home!! SO SO SO happy about that! First class ROCKS! :)

Anyway. I need to get going to finish packing and getting things ready to go home. And, with 2 kids... there's A LOT to get together, pack, and bring! **Everything but the kitchen sick**. ha ha!

By the way... Zoe has tried and loved the following things... Avocado, ranch dressing, bread, cheesecake, gelato, sour cream, oatmeal (real... not Gerber), ice cream w/ fudge, pasta sauce, and pizza sauce. As she gets her teeth, and can chew, there will be more! ;) For now, letting her try things that she can swallow easily.
Zoe is getting *REALLY* close to crawling! She gets up on all fours, and rocks rapidly back and forth. She can go forward once or twice, and she goes backwards really well. Does the backwards army crawl *really* great! LOL. :) More updates to come! ;)

Angelina chillin' with daddy in Anthony's newly finished pool.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far!!

Angelina and Zoe playing... Their shirts match! I will show their matching pics next post. :)

Zoe *loves* baby food!!

Her Favorite is .....

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