Wednesday, July 11, 2007

*Kindergarten* & {day 49}

So, today was a *really* exciting day! Angelina started KINDERGARTEN!!! Yay!! I can't believe it! Watching her walk the halls to her classroom was... well. Honestly. Weird. At first it was *really* hard for me, because it hit me like a ton of bricks -- she IS growing up, and may I add that I think too fast? ha ha! Really... it seems like just yesterday she was learning how to walk, and eat food. Now she is really independent and in KINDERGARTEN! It has been amazing to see her grow to be 5 years old. What an amazing little girl she is turning out to be! Looks like Mike and I have been doing a pretty good job with our Angelina! We are so incredibly proud of her! She was complimented today by a staff member at her school. Today was testing day. The staff member told Mike that she was a very smart girl, and that we have a very intelligent little girl on hands. :) You go Angelina!!! So, Kindergarten was a big hit! Angelina *loved* it! Which we really had no doubt, since she absolutely adores school, and wants to go "7 days a week". LOL. She officially goes everyday next week.
Zoe is doing great as well. :) She is minutes away from crawling, and couldn't be more proud of herself! LOL. She rocks back and forth and laughs. She is actually beginning to move her legs and hands together, but isn't moving forward consistently yet. She is, however frog hopping. ha ha! So, I guess then she can go forward. ;o) Today Zoe tried Hummus. She *loves* it! ha ha. She also tried pancakes in Arizona and loved those too. Oddly enough, she doesn't have any teeth yet, but continues to teethe... so one of these days, teeth will appear. :) Not too worried about it. She is just beginning to grow out of her 3-6 month clothes... although, 6-9 months seems kinds big, but she will grow into them. :) She is in size 2 diapers. Overall, she is such an incredibly happy baby! It's incredible how amazingly happy and all around even tempered, and mellow she is. It's a rare thing to hear crying. We are so lucky! :)

Anyway... off to bed I go!


Katie said...

That's great that Angelina loves school!

Ricci said...

Lots of milestones for you guys! Can't believe how fast time flies, so excited for Angelina.

Aron & Suz said...

Beautiful new pics; Angelina looks espeically old in the foreground of the school bus show. Zoe is just a doll!