Thursday, July 12, 2007

*fifty* and...

So, my mom sent me a link. Which you can see here. Raleigh is listed #1 in the United States for business and careers. Forbes basically says that Raleigh is the best place to find a job or start your own business. :) Pretty cool! So ya'll come on down! ha ha! Not to mention... housing prices are pretty fantastic!
We haven't been up to much lately. Today I went to lunch with my mom and my girls, and then came home, and had dinner with my husband. :) He is going out of town AGAIN on Sunday night. Back to Arizona. :( From Arizona he leaves for California, and then the girls and I meet him out there on the 25th of July. The rest of this summer is filled with Mike traveling, but should calm down by September. Can't wait! ;) Things will begin to get *really* busy here within the next couple of weeks, so I am not too worried about Mike traveling. The time will go by fast.
I have been reading A LOT lately... as you can see...
Mostly magazines, like Martha Stewart Living, Body & Soul, Cookie, Creating Keepsakes, and I just started reading a book called *The Kite Runner* which was recommended by Ali Edwards, and I am liking it A LOT so far!! It's beginning to be on my *good reads* list, as it is already at that point where I hate to put it down. I am also getting ready to read every little detail about my Canon and reading about Adobe Photoshop CS3 (PS CS3). :)

Well, Mike just put in the movie *Shooter* so I am going to leave you all now with todays pictures! Have a great night!

Hmmm... Xbox 360 or Playstation 3?

Xbox 360!

No! Playstation 3! Wait! BOTH! ha ha!

The first thing she did when getting home from Kindergarten yesterday.

"I'm a mommy too. Did you know that Mama? Too all my stuffed animals!" ;)


Robin said...

Let me know how you feel about "The Kite Runner" when you finish it. Moving book. But I'll let you figure out why.

Aron & Suz said...

The Kite Runner is one of my all-time favorite books. Heavy, but beautiful. I am eager to read his newest book, out last month.