Friday, July 13, 2007

{Never} a Dull *Moment* :)

So, we went to dinner at Applebees for dinner tonight.... wait. Let me backtrack. Well. Remember a couple months back when I told all of you that Angelina had a loose tooth at 2 in the morning? ha ha! Well, at dinner tonight... her tooth was so loose, Mike was able to pull it out!!! :) YAY! She was so brave! So, we now have a little girl with a tooth missing! How awesome is that?! Plus, I am starting to see the form of teeth in Zoe's lower gums. So, we have 1 child loosing teeth, and gaining adult teeth, and one child just plain getting teeth. :) Pretty exciting!
Well, we are in the middle of watching the new 007 movie. More tomorrow! *yawn*. Night!


Huh? ;)


Aron & Suz said...

how exciting! i remember the joys of loosing teeth when i was young. did we already talk about the fact that Mags has the same shirt at Angelina? i'm telling you, the fun we would have shopping together! love Z's tank, too. where's it from?

Shealynn Benner said...

Hey Suz! :) I did mention to you once that Angelina has the same shirt as Mags. :) ha ha. Is mags in 12 months? That's the smallest size I could find at Target. I really wanted to get one for Zoe. We would *definitely* have fun shopping together! :) Z's tank is from Old Navy. I buy all my girls' clothes at Target, Old Navy and occasionally Children's Place if I am at the mall. ;)