Monday, January 29, 2007

Missing my BIG Dog, Azlyn...

January 8th was a very sad day for me... I had to find my Big Dog, Azlyn a new home.
If any of you know me well enough... Azlyn was like a 3rd child. I had a love for that dog that I never had for any other animal. She was my pal, my listener, my friend, my protector. Now she is gone. To this day (almost a month later), I still cry about giving her up! I miss her so terribly! As I type this, my eyes fill up with tears! I can't stand that I can't see her everyday anymore. I miss waking up to her big face in my face. I miss the sound of "thunder" as she came down the stairs. I miss her great big kisses... some may not understand this or think I am crazy, but others may understand that the real bond between a person and their dog is priceless. I could never put in to words how sad I really am about loosing Azlyn, but this kinda sums it up. I mean, I am still filled with so much sadness over this. I wish everyday that the people that adopted her would call me and say they needed to bring her back. Is that bad? I miss her so much! However, I do know that the people that adopted her are great people, and they are taking great care of her. I really don't think that I could have found Azlyn a better home, so I am happy about that.
My golden retriever is now gone as well... no dogs? What will I do?!?! Having no dogs is so depressing! At times, this house is so terribly quiet it scares me. (yes, even with having a baby here.)
Sometimes I don't even know what to think! I miss her so terribly!! I didn't think that I was going to have this much trouble not having her. I thought it would only take a week or so. I guess it just goes to show that Azlyn held true to her loyalty... she was my best friend. As cheesy as it sounds, I could tell her anything, I could look ugly or be overweight, be mad, sad, happy. None of that mattered to her. I nurtured her back to health. I cared for her when nobody else in her past did. I loved her unconditionally as she did me. That dog was definitely wo"man's" best friend. She was mine.

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